How does ghostwriting work?

How Ghostwriting Works (The Process):

We make working with us as easy as possible.

Many times, we don't need much of your time. When we do, we schedule a call, record it, and work from the recordings to create your content.

If you prefer, we can schedule short, regular calls and interview you to get your best content out.

For example, we can talk for 15 minutes every other week and get a month's worth of content from those short, regular bursts.

In short, our goal is to build great content that attracts prospects, influencers, and gatekeepers while freeing up your time to build your business and enjoy your life.

We can do that in whatever way works best for you. Everyone's different.

If you have existing content like a book, whitepaper, blog, social media posts, interviews, podcasts, keynote speeches, powerpoint presentations, checklists, or guides, send them to us. We can review what you have and come up with a strategy to repurpose it into books, articles, or social media posts to help you build your authority and reputation in the direction you want to go.

For example, we've gotten as much as 75% of book content from reviewing a company's website!

We can also do research on our own, conduct interviews of others, and, if we need some of your time, schedule a call, record it, and work from the recording.

We pride ourselves on making it easy to work with us. We know you're busy and our focus is making your life easier.

Who Gets the Credit For a Ghostwritten Book, Article, or Other Piece of Content:

You get all the credit. It's your content, your ideas, and your expertise. We don't worry about the credit.

We work for you. You pay us. You get the credit. We celebrate your success. It's that simple.