Why Hire Ghostwriters?

Why hire a ghostwriter?

We know, it sounds a little strange to be hiring a ghostwriter, but did you know, many (some say most) of the non-fiction books you see in bookstores are ghostwritten?

It's true.

Many articles and social media posts are ghostwritten, too!

Hiring a ghostwriter helps you do more of what you do–and what you want to do!

When you hire us you can spend your time serving clients, exercising, building relationships, taking vacation, being with your family, or whatever else you want to do.

That's why busy people hire us.

Hiring a ghostwriter or social media manager saves you time.

Why spend two hours drafting an article or blog post when we can do that for you while you serve more clients, bill more hours, grab coffee with a key person in your network, or spend more time with loved ones?

Why take months (or longer) unplugging from working on your business or working an extra 200-500 hours to write a book? Don't you work enough?

How much time do you spend trying to think of things to say on social media? How much time do you waste scrolling social media every time you “log in quickly” to post?

We can cut your social media time down to minutes a week without you ever running out of things to say. Even better, we can make your social media time even more valuable by focusing your time on engaging with key people online.

In short, we can help make your life easier. And we know what we're doing!

Hiring a ghostwriter can save (and make) you money.

Hiring a ghostwriter is an investment in your business. Whether it's a book, blogs and articles, or social media strategy and management, your investment needs to be designed to help you connect with more prospects, influencers, and gatekeepers.

Even if your business is referral-driven, referrals almost always search for you, view your website, and review blogs or articles you've written before deciding to contact you.

If you've written a book, they'll know you're knowledgeable. Books open doors.

If you regularly write articles and blogs, they'll get to your website and other sites and know you're a thought leader.

If your social media profiles are optimized and kept regular with high-value content, they'll know you're active, relevant, involved, and professional.

If your blog hasn't been updated in six months, your social media accounts aren't optimized and haven't been updated in three months, and all the books in your area of expertise are by others, those people might get the phone call you want.

In short, you can make more money because people will search for you online before contacting you. We can help you get found in a way that encourages people to get in touch with you.

Those people are your future clients, journalists or writers looking for a quote, or gatekeepers who serve your ideal clients in different ways.